The effect of hanging an XXL canvas in your interior

The giant canvas in kit form is a 2-metre long decorative product that takes up almost an entire wall, changing the atmosphere of a room in the blink of an eye. With nothing more than 2 nails, you can transform your interior. Assembly is quick and easy, so an impressive change of decor is within everyone's reach! 2 metres long: it's VERY big! It's longer than your arm span.

Our XXL canvas kit immediately sets the tone of the room. Turn your home into a zoo with our animal canvases. With images of aquariums, jungles, beaches and cities... anything is possible! You can even print your own photo on your canvas.

Here are two examples of a giant world map and an elephant that looks like it's approaching dangerously quickly.

Giant canvas 1 Giant canvas 2

Assembling the XXL canvas kit

This do-it-yourself kit consists of several components:

  • aluminium frame
  • your chosen printed canvas
  • rods to fix the canvas to the frame.

Assembling the parts is simple and only takes about 15 minutes. Everything is included in the kit, even the wall hooks. The most important thing to keep in mind when assembling your canvas is to keep the fabric taut.
You can find more information on the installation in our step-by-step explanations here. You can also watch our installation video and download the printable installation instructions on the product page.

Installation tips

The canvas kit is exclusive to Scenolia!

Scenolia is the only manufacturer to offer a DIY XXL canvas kit. They're excellent value for money. Our high-quality is extra. Our extensive knowledge of large format decorations has allowed us to develop this unique product!

We love exclusivity and originality.

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