After you've bought your Scenolia canvas kit, or maybe even before, you might be wondering how you hang the canvas on your wall. The canvas is delivered as a kit which you assemble yourself. This allows for easier transport (the canvas can be up to 2 metres long!).

Large canvas kit

The kit includes:

  • your chosen printed canvas
  • four-part aluminium frame
  • rods
  • installation instructions
  • four corner pieces
  • spatula
  • two wall hangers

Check all these pieces are included in your kit before starting the assembly.

Large canvas kit

Mounting your canvas

  To assemble your painting, follow the steps described in our installation instructions. Download the file in PDF format
Sit on the floor, on a clean surface or carpet.

The frame
Assemble the aluminium frame:
Join the four corner pieces together with the four sides of the frame.

Attach the canvas to the frame
Line up the frame with the fabric:
Place the fabric face down and put the frame on top of it, equidistant from each edge.
The smooth side of the aluminium frame should be placed against the fabric.

Use the spatula to position the rods
Position the rods with the spatula:
first, place the rods into the centre of the sides of the frame, while folding the fabric over.
Make sure the fabric is taut.
There's no need to force the rods into position, they fit easily into the purpose-made holes in the frame.

Folding the corners of the fabric
Folding the corners:
Next, place the rods in the corners while folding the fabric as if you're wrapping a present.
Make sure it's tightened before positioning the rod.

Completing the assembly
Complete the assembly:
Once all the rods have been placed, check that the fabric is taut.
The rods can be repositioned if necessary.
Hanging the canvas
Hang the canvas on the wall:
Screw the two supplied hooks into the wall.
Hang your canvas on the hooks. The frame will fit onto the hooks provided.

How do I hang a canvas?

How high should I hang my canvas?

There's no hard-and-fast rule, it all depends on the individual and the room in which the canvas will be hung. However, hanging the canvas so the centre of the image is at eye level is a solution that often works very well. But if you're a family of 4, not everyone is the same size! So you'll need to find a compromise.

In a staircase or a room with a high ceiling, it's different. If you put the canvas at eye level, you'll make the space appear less spacious. In this case, take the top floor as a reference point and hang your canvas high on the wall, drawing your eye upwards. This way, you'll highlight the size of the room, as you can see in Cyrille's home:

Canvas hanging on the first floor

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