Your shop window is the first thing the customer sees from the outside. The shop front must be attractive, as this will lure people in. The decoration of your shop window reflects the image of your shop. It might focus around a trendy colour of the moment, a theme... Decorating your shop can give it a "festive look" at Christmas, for example, and highlight your products throughout the year.

Decorative ideas for a shop window

Event decoration

The decoration of your shop window might take its inspiration from various times of the year, such as the beginning of spring, Easter, the summer holidays, Christmas... Your deco posters probably rotate depending on the season: a particular display might be up for a few weeks, and then stored away somewhere so that they can be reused the following year. There are decorative visuals that work every year.

Window decoration

For the New Year, you could put up a "Happy Holidays" poster in your window, as shown above with the Glitter image. Such decor attracts the attention of passers-by who will be sure to note the products in the display and have a peek into the shop.

Other visuals that might be used in this space:

CHRISTMAS TREEVertical Christmas tree poster
for the Christmas period
BLUE SKYOur vertical BLUE SKY poster
for a blue cameo collection
Who could resist a tropical parrot? Our plexiglas TROPICAL PARROT painting
can provide your shop window with an animal touch

Create the right atmosphere in your shop window, whether in a shopping centre or small city centre shop. Tailor your shop window decoration to the season of the year for a trendy look that’s in sync with the events of the year (spring, summer, Easter, Christmas...) or adapt your window display to suit your collections and products as they arrive. As the customer steps into your shop, they’ll appreciate how well the shop display matches what you have to offer.

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