Decorate your workplaces and reception areas

Scenolia also provides a service for professionals and their workplaces. If you wish to decorate your workspace or reception area with largescale t wall decorations, we are here to assist you and help with your layout planning.

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Wall decorations in restaurants

Here is an example of a Scenolia decoration: a restaurant reception area decorated with the MANHATTAN PANORAMIC New York panorama wallpaper. This gives the restaurant a chic New York feel:

Decorating a restaurant

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The stage decoration of a theatre

Patrick's theatre group sent us photos of the set of a play decorated with the Panoramic MUR DE BRIQUE (Brick Wall) and the exclusive JARDINET (Garden) tile:

theatre brick wall decoration

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Wall decorations in a medical practice 

Your practice deserves a wall decoration that reflects your image. Here is an example using the panoramic poster FOR RENT and the vertical poster ASIAN MIX,trompe-l'oeil decorations that add perspective to the room:

Decorating a dental practice

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Wall decorations in a sports hall

The BASKET FUN plexiglass board and the SENTIER panorama board give the impression of cycling or jogging on a country path:

Decoration for a sports hall

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Wall decorations in a reception area

The reception area of your company is the place of first contact with the customer. To make this space represent your state of mind, use wall decoration. Scenolia offers you an example with the panoramic SPLASH THE WORLD and the plexiglass GARANCE which make the hall welcoming and colourful:

Colourful decoration of a reception hall

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Wall decoration of a waiting room

The poster of the KYRIELLE flowery waterfall combined with the BUDDHA GREEN painting give the waiting room a zen atmosphere:

Decoration of a waiting room

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Wall decorations for a meeting room

The colour and texture of wood bring a warm atmosphere to the meeting room, thanks to the trompe-l'oeil wallpaper made of BOIS BOUVET material:

Wooden wall meeting room

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Hotel wall decorations

The decoration of a hotel room plays a key role in making your guests feel comfortable. Example showing the panoramic SHERWOOD FOREST, the vertical poster LUXURIANTE and the large format painting OREE OF WOOD. These three green backdrops immerse the hotel room in nature:

Decorating a hotel room

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Wall decorations in a hairdressing salon

When a client makes an appointment with a hairdresser, it is a time for them to relax. The hairdressing salon is a place where the customer can relax, be pampered and receive haircare advice. The way in which a hair salon is decorated is key to creating an atmosphere of relaxation and trust.
For example, in this salon, the BORA BORA wall poster brings a touch of escapism that the customer will really enjoy.

Decorating a hairdressing salon

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Wall decorations in a shop

The layout of a shop takes into account the wall decoration, which must complement the products you sell. For example, the giant picture of NYC seen from the sky and the vertical poster MANHATTAN NIGHT give the shop an urban New York feel:

Decorations in a clothing shop

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Wall decoration of a shop window

A shop window is visible to everyone from the outside. Professionals use shop windows to convey what they do, to show the products they have for sale, to display their news. . The customer's eye needs to be drawn to the shop window. The images used and the products displayed are carefully chosen. The shop front reflects the whole shop and the passers-by know at a glance whether they want to enter or not.
For example, during the sales period, a clothing shop in a shopping centre can use a large customised sign, as below, illustrated with sales labels, to clearly show that it is active during this period:

Decorating a shop window

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The decoration of an event stand

An event stand should be visible from a distance and look good close-up. Decorating your stand is a great way to catch visitors' eyes at trade fairs or events. It is also a good way to stand out from the crowd. Scenolia can provide advice on designing your stand.. An example is this stand at Maison et Objet, with the AUDREY, CLASSIC LOFT and COMPLOT panoramic posters:

Decoration of a stand

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Professionals: a decoration for every workplace

You can choose from over 2000 products in our catalogue. Make your selections based simply on what you like or by following examples of visual associations according to the space that is to be decorated.: restaurant, doctor's surgery, hotel, shop, sports hall, reception hall, waiting room, meeting room, theatre, office... Each place deserves a personalised and harmonious decoration to reflect the image of the company and the people who work there. Discover our decorating ideas by location.

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