Vintura wallpaper, as shown on the French program "Maison à vendre"

May 2019

Solange has been looking to sell her flat for 3 years. Stéphane Plaza and Sophie Ferjani help to give her home a makeover to help her sell it. Its new, stylish decor will attract potential buyers with visuals such as a vintage map of the world in the child's bedroom, a cement tile kitchen floor and an engraved wallpaper in the office.

"Maison à vendre" makeover

"Crumpled paper" wallpaper, as seen in "C'est au programme"

May 2018

This is a very natural, original decoration. The imitation material wallpaper brings the room of C'est au programme to life. They've tried and tested our "crumpled paper" wallpaper for you, and they've proven that it looks great in a cactus-themed room. Sit back, relax and let these decors inspire you. Watch out though, they're prickly!

Non-woven jungle wallpaper in "C'est au programme"

March 2018

A before and after of a space that was decorated using a jungle theme. The "C'est au programme" decorators chose to use the Scenolia Dark jungle wallpaper, as well as several accessories in shades of green, yellow and black, to create this tropical atmosphere. Take a look!

SOS Jardin: outdoor canvases and hangings

April 2017

Daphne called on Philippe Collignon to redecorate the courtyard in her shared home. With Scenolia's canvases and decorative accessories, Philippe turns this small outdoor area into a livable space!

"Télématin" on France 2: non-woven wallpaper and stretched canvas

January 2017

Non-woven monobloc wallpaper: a world exclusive by Scenolia. Give your walls a makeover with a wallpaper that is easy to apply thanks to our direct pasting method.

SOS Jardin: redecorating a courtyard on TV with a Graph'it® canvas

June 2015

Mireille has a small, unkempt, enclosed yard. SOS Jardin has redesigned this space to make it both functional and welcoming. The giant Graph'it® decor gives the whole area a new look. The space seems bigger and brighter. It's a good place to relax and unwind. Take a look!

C'est au programme: privacy screen on TV

May 2015

Philippe Collignon redecorates a balcony, creating a colourful space filled with plants and decorative objects including our BAMBOOS privacy screen.

C'est au programme: new printed privacy screen support

September 2012

Sylvie Adigard was looking for a new outdoor decoration and found something new at Scenolia.

Comment ça va bien? : privacy screen seen on TV

December 2010

Isabelle wants to create a cosy corner for a dog on her balcony. The privacy screen is a welcome addition to the exterior design.