Ideas for wall decorations

Wall decoration is very important for an interior. Have you ever seen an empty interior, with all white walls? Everyone likes to decorate their homes, to show their taste, to embellish their walls and to give a personal touch to their interior. That's what makes people feel at home.

Scenolia has hundreds of images for decorating your home. You are bound to find a design that suits you. Discover lots of ideas for decorating your home:

Bedroom wall decoration

Bedroom wallpaper:The bedroom is the most intimate place in the house, where guests do not usually go. It is the little cocoon where you can be your most original and expressive with your tastes. .

In a bedroom, opt for a horizontal decoration because it is a place of rest. In contrast, the vertical is more dynamic. Choose soft colours for the sleeping area (midnight blue, pale pink, etc.) to match the floor and furniture.

To decorate a child's room, you can create different ambiances for the sleeping area and theplay area. You can be daring with darker visuals like this Planet Earth wallpaper, shown in a little boy's bedroom (photo on the right). The dominant colour is dark blue with a cloud of stars around our planet. With this atmosphere of cosiness, the child is bound to have sweet dreams!

We like: a wide range of choices for all the rooms in the house.

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