We offer various standard sizes: single strip, vertical, panoramic, square... But sometimes these sizes don't fit your space. Do you want a precise measurement, to the nearest cm or mm? We can do this because we also print to your own dimensions.

Specialists in made-to-measure wall decorations

To do this, please call our Customer Service department on 00 33 4 74 70 68 53 and ask for a tailor-made quote. We charge a fixed price per square metre for customised printing.

For example, if you have a wall that is 3.25 metres long and you want to put up a poster that covers the whole wall, our 3 metre posters will be too small and our 4 metre posters will be too big. And if you cut it back, part of the image will not be visible. Our graphic studio will adapt the image to your size. Once the framing has been checked, we will begin the printing process.

Decorations for events

Do you need a made-to-measure decoration for a professional or social event? Give us your dimensions and we will print. You can send us your image, or simply ask us to use an image from our website and re-size it. It should be in a larger size than that required in order for it to be of good quality. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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We like: our decorations to be precise as a result of using the right measurements!

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