Decorative trends are emerging on our walls. You will see many different design trends on store shelves, in the media, magazines, and in retail outlets.

Decorating trends change all the time and according to the season. If you're hoping to spot next year's home decor trends, you'll have to be on the lookout for those styles that are here to stay and those that are just passing fads. We help you spot the latest trends and make sure you have access to the best possible options!

Design trends

The latest trends in wall decor

Scenolia offers wall decor items for your home and your garden. With all the colors, styles, and trends to choose from there are endless options for decorating your home or outdoor spaces:

We have identified these contemporary decorating trends.: the most common wallpapers and wall decorations in our homes today! With modern decorative posters and paintings, your guests will be impressed. For those looking to try something new and different, we've got just what you need. There are a variety of styles, sizes and colors available for your home.

Discover the Scenolia collections. Let Scenolia help you choose the perfect wallpaper for your interior or exterior spaces. The latest interior design trends can be found here. You will surely find the perfect wall decor item for your space. Now you have the freedom to choose how you want to decorate your house. So choose the trend that suits you best and get started with a new decoration.