Everyone loves the Winter Sales; Scenolia has listened and brought you special offers on wall decorations. You'll find winter sale offers of up to 40%, or even 50% off on our ranges of wallpapers, posters, wall hangings, pictures or screensavers.

Although these promotions cannot be called Winter Sales because we don't stock products (all your items are manufactured within 48 hours of your order), we still offer discounts during this period. We might have special offers on wallpaper, wall hangings, posters, pictures and privacy screens, so make sure to check the great deals we have in store for you. Take advantage of great sale prices on Scenolia wall decoration during the winter sales. Discover all our offers on our online shop. Make the most of this special period and buy your wall decor at a low price. Why not even give it as a gift?

Winter sales and promotions

Wall decorations on sale this winter

Our winter promotion wall decor is not on sale for long! During the winter sales period, our offers on wallpapers and other products will change. As we have no stock to manage, our offers don't increase over time like they do in shops. So don't miss out-make the most of the Winter Sale on Scenolia!

Winter wall decor

Looking for wall decor to give your room a wintery atmosphere? It's the perfect season to do so! Discover our wide range of winter decor images in our catalogue: Snowy landscape, mountain, ski slope, winter forest, snowman design, ice floe... save money by buying our winter wallpaper and wall art while they're on sale. Create a beautiful decorative atmosphere in your living room or bedroom with our winter wall decor sale items.

Powder snow wallpaper