Pre-pasted non-woven wallpaper for easy hanging with no need for glue

Spray & up ! One spray of water, 5 minutes to apply.

spray and up

Technical characteristics of non-woven wallpaper

The paper is a quality, non-woven paper, made of polyester and cellulose fibres, with a glue already applied to the back, 157g PVC-free.

High definition digital printing for high quality visuals. This new material, exclusive to Scenolia, is printed in France in our workshop.

Installation technique
You don't need to be a DIY pro or spend hours on making your home unique. Scenolia has a range of unique paper strips including , panoramics, and posters for doors and headboards, which are printed on to a specific non-woven paper. Very easy to apply, the 157g pre-glued non-woven paper is stuck to the wall by spraying a little water on the back of the strip. You can use a plant spray to spray the water. The glue is activated when it comes into contact with water. Place the strip on the wall at the desired location and it will stick immediately. Repositionable for 10 minutes before the adhesive sets. It can even be used on glass or melamine.
The paper can be torn off dry, without leaving any marks on your wall.

Easy to maintain, Scenolia's 157g pre-glued non-woven fabric can be cleaned with a sponge and clean water.

Single pre-glued strip

Pre-glued single strip

The unique grey seahorse strip is available in this new material.

? Buy a single strip

Analysis of pre-pasted wallpaper

The results of indoor air emission tests on pre-pasted wallpaper, carried out by the Excelle laboratory, place it in category A: very low emissions.


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