In this article you will find our top tips for decorating your kitchen.

Kitchen wallpaper

Paris la Seine in the kitchen
Wallpaper fits very well in a kitchen. You can brighten it up with a wallpaper that captures the imagination or enlarge it with a trompe l'oeil.

The panoramic wallpaper shown here in the kitchen in the photo portrays span1}Paris la Seine. It is on the wall behind the dining table at Veronica's house, who bought it from us. She can enjoy the view while she is sitting down and eating.
The effect really works because the trompe l'oeil allows you to observe our beautiful capital through a glass roof, as if you were on the top floor of a Parisian flat.

Cooking in a kitchen that is decorated in this way makes cooking and spending time in your kitchen a real pleasure. The room is pleasant and hence you want to spend time in it.

Our advice:
we recommend keeping the wallpaper away from water points such as the sink and the hob.

Kitchen theme decorating ideas

You can opt for a decoration that makes you hungry or thirsty. ? The decor may remind you of good French pastries. Get out your pans and turn on the oven! With a wall decoration like this, the cook in you will be bursting to get out!

Cup cake in the kitchen

Canvas painting Cup cake

Cognac cellar in the kitchen

Panoramic poster Cognac cellar

The picture on the left is a photo of that gourmet patisserie, the cup cake. The red and pink colours liven up the grey and white kitchen. We offer images of cakes, good food and sweets to whet your appetite. Hmmm!
The poster on the right is a trompe l'oeil photo of a cellar. The barrels are true to scale, , as if the table was placed in this cellar ready for a tasting. The guests are expecting a good aperitif! Alcohol is dangerous for your health, please consume in moderation =)

? The whole atmosphere of Culinary Art

We like: spending time in a well-decorated kitchen.

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