Decorating your room is a big project. It is a room where you spend several hours a day, even if you are sleeping. The choices you make may affect your sleep, and your dreams. Scenolia gives you some tips on how to successfully decorate your bedroom walls.

Bringing dreams to life with your wall decoration

Sky blue in the bedroomWe need a calm environment to fall asleep, silence or relaxing music. All the muscles in the body have to relax to enable sleep. The decoration of a room can help to create this calming atmosphere through the right choice of colours, images and shapes...

This sky blue poster (image on the right) is a decoration idea for an adult’s bedroom. The photo shows a soft sky with small white clouds that provide a slight contrast. The softness of this restful image invokes dreams. Perfect for a restful sleep.

Colours to avoid

There are certain colours which help you fall asleep. Warm colours (red, orange, yellow...) stimulate the mind, while cool colours (blue, green, brown...) soothe it. The blue of the above poster example is therefore perfect. If you opt for warm colours, choose pale ones such as pink, beige, etc., which are less loud..

Children's bedrooms: Our decorating tips

Flying picture  in a child's room
Adults and children have different tastes and needs.
A child's bedroom is often also a play area. So you can divide the room into two areas. You can opt for smaller, more child-sized backgrounds (e.g. a single wallpaper strip) or bright colours.

The poster of ’L'envol’ (flying) (picture on the right) is a good example. In this colourful children's bedroom, the illustration fits in very well. It is amusing because it shows animals flying in a hot air balloon.

Teenager's room

Lazer race
Teenagers spends most of their free time in the bedroom, much more time than in communal areas such as the living room.
This is their living space. This image creates a decorative ambience that reflects their personality.

The Lazer race plexiglass board (image on right) is intended for geeky teenagers. The image is taken from science fiction. The black universe with its laser beam lights is reminiscent of a video game.
The glossy Plexiglas material is also a good fit for this space because of its classy, shiny look.

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