Scenolia offers two materials for garden screens. One is blackout (100% blackout tarpaulin) and one is light-permeable (80% blackout grille). The advantage of the grille is that it keeps your garden light and prevents you being seen from the outside.

Non-blackout  tarpaulinGrille 80% blackout
Transparency 20%

Blackout tarpaulin 100% blackout tarpaulin
Total blackout

Light-filled garden

The sun's rays pass through the printed grille. The mesh of the grille is large enough to allow light to pass through, making it non-blackout. .

The screen lets the light through

As in the above scene with the BROTONNE printed image, the mesh of the grille is slightly transparent, at about 20%. You can see the fence against which it is placed, but you cannot clearly see the houses behind. The further away the object is, the more obscured it appears behind the screen. You can therefore place your plants behind the garden enclosure and they will not be deprived of sunlight.
The mesh also allows air to flow through, making it therefore less sensitive to wind.

Privacy screen to protect from prying eyes

 Balcony screen The privacy screen allows you to avoid being seen from your terrace or swimming pool.
It can be installed on a fence or screen. The mesh of the tarpaulin is fine enough not to be seen through. From a distance, the garden cannot be seen through the mesh. Only very close-up is it possible to see through the very fine mesh.

To keep your outdoor space private, choose a higher screen. Scenolia offers small and large height screens, 80 cm, 1 m, 1.5 m and 2 m. Choose the right size according to your needs and the height of your property’s border.. The larger 2m screens provide excellent privacy even when someone is standing behind them, such as a neighbour in their garden. The 1m privacy screen is sufficient for the balcony of an apartment. .

As shown in the photo above with the 5m BAIN DE SOLEIL screen, the privacy terrace screen on the upper floor provides privacy from the neighbours, even when it is of a low height.