How can you make your privacy screen windproof?
Do you want a privacy screen that will adorn your outdoor area for years to come? Take our advice. A screen that is less exposed to the wind will have a longer life span. Is the Scenolia tarpaulin windproof?

Solid screen

A screen that  is wind-resistant
Both materials that the Scenolia screens are made of are wind-resistant. However, it is important to note that the larger the privacy screen, the more exposed it is to wind and other climatic disturbances. As with a gate, the ideal way to ensure good resistance is to limit how much wind it is exposed to.

We recommend the 80% blackout material because it contains a mesh grille. The grille is therefore preferable if your screen is to be situated in a place exposed to strong winds. The screen allows air to pass through its mesh and therefore moves less. The 100% blackout tarpaulin is a solid surface, not incompatible with but more sensitive to airflow.

? All solid privacy screens


Against a wall

Screen against a wall
Corsica high screen placed
against a wall, to decorate a garden.
Under a shelter

Screen under a covered shelter
Tamaricio screen under a covered shelter,
to decorate a pool.
On a terrace

Terrace privacy screen
Grey teak screen that protects from the wind
on a roof terrace.

If you place your screen along a covered terrace or against a wall, the wind is less likely to get behind it. It is then less exposed to the vagaries of the weather. The location of the fixing is important in terms of prolonging the life of your screen.

How to fix your privacy screen

Attaching your exterior decorationHow do you fix a balcony screen to limit the amount of wind it will be exposed to?

A properly installed screen with strong fasteners that keep it taut will have more resistance. To attach your privacy screen to a fence or fencing, Scenolia offers Jardimageties. These are robust plastic Colson clamps.

The fastener is simply passed through the eye of the screen and around a railing, , then tightened to press the sheeting up against the fence. Your screen will then be firmly hung and can even help to protect your terrace from draughts.

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