Wallpaper can imitate several materials, such as brick, stone, iron... It can look similar to a real wall for a realistic trompe l'oeil effect. The Scenolia online shop has several wallpapers that imitate materials and textures. Discover the imitation material wallpapers.

The materials proposed for the wallpapers

Imitation brick wallpaper Brick : The white brick imitation wallpaper creates a loft-like wall.

Imitation stone wallpaper Stone : The imitation wallpaper of stone from the south brings the charm of a stone house to the wall.

Imitation wood wallpaper Wood : The trompe l'oeil wood wallpaper creates a warm atmosphere.

Imitation cushioned  wallpaper Cushioning : The white cushioned wallpaper is perfect on a headboard.

Imitation tiger skin wallpaper Animal skin : the Bengal tiger skin wallpaper gives the wall a warm feel.

Plant-themed wallpaper Plants : The wallpaper looks like a wall of plants in the living room.

Cane wallpaper Rattan : Rattan wallpaper creates an outdoor atmosphere inside.

Crumpled paper imitation wallpaper The paperWallpaper : the crumpled paper imitation wallpaper is a trendy decoration from the 2016 collection.

Chalk wallpaper Chalk : The chalk wallpaper brings a world of colour to the wall.

Terrazzo wallpaper Terrazzo : Terrazzo wallpaper looks like fragments of coloured stone embedded in polished cement.

Rust wallpaper ConcreteThe wallpaper imitates a factory wall made of raw concrete slabs.

Imitation wool wallpaper Woolwool : wool imitation wallpaper makes the wall feel warm in winter.

Don't hesitate to ask us if you are looking for a particular material that we don't stock yet!

Material walls at our clients’ homes

Some people have bought imitation tapestries. This is how these decors work for our customers:

Ali has created a beautiful headboard with Capition, the unique white cushioning strip.

Ali's White Cushioning

Roger decorates his kitchen with the colourful Chalks wallpaper.

Kitchen decor

Patrick's drama group uses a brick wall decoration as the backdrop for a play.

Trompe l'oeil theatrical backdrop

We like: The beautiful trompe l'oeil which adds charm to the room.