Interlining is used to reinforce the support with fabric. There are several canvases available depending on the support you want to reinforce.

Discover our canvas posters, i.e. posters made of solid, textile material. They're available in several sizes, horizontal or vertical, and can be placed in any room you choose. You can find posters in various sizes, such as 60cm, 2m, 4m, etc. Our canvas posters are simple to pin to your wall and can be placed in any room.

canvas poster

Washable canvas poster

Our high-quality textile fabric is easy to maintain since it can be washed. To wash it, use a damp sponge with clear or soapy water, no need to soak it completely. The canvas is moisture-resistant, so there's no risk of damage. You can hang it in a wet room such as the bathroom, quarter bath or laundry room without worrying. Just try to keep it as far away as possible from areas where it might be directly splashed with water (above your bathtub, for example).

Characteristics of the material

Textile material

The canvas is not paper, it's a polyester fabric with a textile look. It won't tear when installed or removed from your wall as the material is tear-proof. The fabric is thick (about 200 g/m²). The monobloc finish gives the decor a seamless charm. The material has been tested for indoor air toxicity and has been rated as class A: the lowest level (very low emissions).

We love the quality of the support and its long-lasting hold.