Prismaprint is an offshoot of Prismaflex, which Scenolia is also a part of., like, is an e-commerce shop that offers online printing.

Various advertising supports

On Prismaprint, find all your large format advertising supports for your advertising campaign or events: tarpaulin, banners, poster, rigid panel, adhesive and POS stand decoration. Choose the right product for you or customise your support. Find classic formats such as 4x3, lollipop, bus back... for a quality display. The site also offers visual templates that are easy to configure.

Prismaprint Menu

With this wide range of media, you can communicate both indoors and outdoors for any length of time... and you can choose anything from medium to giant format. You can create signage for your shop, decorate your stand at a trade fair or create an ephemeral display at in your sales room.
Prismaprint stocks materials that aren't available at Scenolia, such as adhesive and tarpaulin. Personalise your decor with these new materials by placing an order on their new site!

Prismaprint's quality guarantee

Prismaprint is aimed at professionals, while Scenolia is predominantly aimed towards serving the individual (even though we have loyal pro accounts). Both sites use the same digital printing equipment. Scenolia's posters are produced on the same printers as the tarpaulin or banners printed for our experienced corporate customers. These professionals have strict quality requirements. We respect the same requirements as Prismaprint. This is why Scenolia also guarantees beautiful image quality. Images are selected carefully. If an image doesn't meet the required quality, we'll let you know and provide you with alternative suggestions.

We love having a wide choice of materials and formats to personalise your method of communication.

? Discover Prismaprint, your online large format printer