Video installation instructions by product

If you prefer to see the information written down, you can find it here => INSTALLATION INFORMATION IN PDF FORMAT

Wallpapers and panoramic posters

Follow our guides ?. Our panoramas can be glued or pinned. It's up to you to decide how you'd like to install it: glue lends itself to a long-lasting decoration, while pins are perfect for an easy-to-hang decor that's simple to take down quickly.

Video on glue-on panoramic decors

Glue-on panoramic
Our panoramic decors are easy to glue in strips or as a monobloc.

Panoramic pinning videos

Easy-to-pin panoramics
For a decoration that can be attached and detached in a matter of minutes.

Wall hangings, canvases and outdoor wall decor

Video on wall hangingsWall hangings
Demonstration featuring either our hanging kit or glue.

Video installation of fabric and plexiglass canvasesFabric and acrylic glass canvases
Our large format canvases are easy to mount and fix.

Video installation of our privacy screen
Outdoor decor Privacy screen
A privacy screen will enhance your balcony, terrace, garden...

  Find all our videos on our YouTube channel.

With our video installation instructions, you'll be guided through the installation of your purchased product. Simply follow the product installation steps to easily install it in your home. Our guidance allows you to install your decor with peace of mind and achieve a beautiful result.

If you'd like more information on the installation of a particular product, you can view and print out the installation instructions in PDF format. You can also contact us at 04 74 70 68 53 or by mail via our contact form.

Product presentation videos

Scenolia House Videos
Product demonstration

The Scenolia house, a unique house entirely decorated with Scenolia products: panoramas, vertical posters, canvases...

Videos of our television appearances
TV appearances

Our products have been featured on television and in decoration shows multiple times.