Here we share photos of Scenolia products which have been hung in our customers' outdoor space. We'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you again to all those who participated! ? Find decorating inspiration here and redecorate your balcony, terrace, garden...

Client photos of our exterior decorations

Brise vue Corsica chez Bernadette
Bernadette's CORSICA Privacy screen

Brise vue vintage Paris chez Audrey
Audrey's AU BON CAFE privacy screen

Brise vue Pierres beiges en trompe l'oeil
Gérard's BEIGE STONES Privacy screen

Tableau oiseau rouge et blanc en extérieur
Eric's WHITE SOUIMANGA canvas print

Brise vue vigne vierge en clôture

Brise vue bambous verts en trompe l'oeil
Alain's BAMBOOS Privacy screen

Brise vue jardin porte en trompe l'oeil
Jean-Bernard's GARDEN Privacy screen

Brise vue planches grises chez Céline
Céline's TECK Privacy screen

Brise vue Asian mix façade zen
Nathalie's ASIAN MIX Privacy screen

Brise vue suspendu jardin sur la terrasse
Stéphanie's BOTTOM OF THE GARDEN Privacy screen

Tableau tulipes colorées pour coin repas extérieur
Sophie's TULIPE COLORS Canvas print

Brise vue suspendu fausse porte sur le jardin
Lise's SPANISH Privacy screen

Brise vue canal du midi
Marie-France's CANAL DU MIDI privacy screen

Brise vue bois en extérieur
Thierry's WOOD Privacy screen

Brise vue paysage mer turquoise
Noël and Catherine's CORSICA Privacy screen

Brise vue lavande de Marie
Marie's WHITE SOUIMANGA canvas print

Brise vue cascade Scenolia en bord de piscine
Fanny's COOKING Privacy screen

Brise vue plage en trompe l'oeil contre un mur
Chantal's PATH OF THE ROCKS Privacy screen

Brise vue Calanques de Sugiton
Sophie's CALANQUES DE SUGITON Privacy screen

Brise vue lac bleu pour clôture originale
Fabienne's PRIVATE PIER Privacy screen

Brise vue jardin en trompe l'oeil avec fleurs
Marie-France's VIOLET GARDEN Privacy screen

Thanks everyone for these great product stagings. When the decoration fits in perfectly with the rest of the space, the trompe l'oeil effect is amazing! Make your balcony or terrace look to be filled with greenery. With diferent materials, formats and installation systems available... there's something for everyone.

You can also share your decoration with us by sending a photo of your exterior design by email or by filling out the contact form.
To say thank you, we give every participating customer a gift voucher for 10£ off their next order!

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