Preparing your balcony for the summer

Flowered balcony

Summer is the perfect season to spend time outdoors

With a bit of time and, above all, some good ideas, you can give your balcony a summer makeover for very little money!

Summer is the perfect season to enjoy a little piece of the outdoors at home. Whether in a courtyard, a piece of garden, a large patch of grass, a city garden, an orchard, a hanging balcony, a terrace... everything is an excuse to get some fresh air! It's the season for barbecues with friends. So let's design our outdoor spaces and let's play with landscaping!

The sun is our best friend. With bright sunlight, we can enjoy the outdoors. But we must also protect ourselves from the sun's rays Plants are welcome to provide a little shade and to keep us cool while we relax. Keep your windows open and add some of the latest trends to your home decor! Create your own private area and lock yourself from prying eyes.

Scenolia's outdoor decoration ideas

Privacy screen
Balcony privacy screen
Outdoor wall hanging
Decorative wall hanging

Scenolia has all the ideas you need to brighten up a small balcony or a terrace, including privacy screens, wall hangings, outdoor canvas prints and panoramic canvas prints. For both small and large outdoor spaces, Scenolia offers decorative backgrounds ranging from 1 to 12 m long, that can be adapted to every space: a vertical wall hanging for the veranda, a designed privacy screen for a flowery balcony, a trompe l'oeil privacy screen made of vines for the terrace of a flat...

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The interior decoration and feng shui layout have always been effective, ensuring a more harmonious environment. We understand that interior design is an important part of our everyday lives. The exterior of our home is just as important as the interior, because this is where we spend a great deal of our free time when the weather is good. The balance of colours, harmony with garden furniture, small decorative objects, nothing should be left to chance!

How to design a terrace?

Ground floor terrace

Choosing a decorative atmosphere

Creating a cosy atmosphere on your terrace is not that easy and requires some decorating skills ?.
Here are our decorating tips for a successful contemporary decor:

Choose a common thread, a general style that defines your home. Do you prefer Scandinavian, exotic, natural or industrial design?

Your choices will lead to a selection of colours, shapes and materials. For your floor covering, choose wooden slats - pine or beech - for a more natural look, polished concrete for an industrial look. The atmosphere continues on the facade or boundary walls of the building. Choose an imitation natural stone or plant wall privacy screen for a natural trompe l'oeil, or a photo of a tropical landscape with a beach for an exotic look. Opt for a giant palm leaf outdoor printes canvas for a tropical atmosphere, or a zen photo of a lotus flower for a relaxing terrace.

When it comes to designing and decorating your garden, only creative and imagination is the limit. It takes you on a journey, so you can relax. And take time to create a great cosy space that looks like YOU!

Terrace accessories

After the outdoor atmosphere has been established, let's move on to decorative accessories. Create your own style using some decorative accessories:

  • garden furniture in rattan or wicker, for a classic look
  • a cozy outdoor wooden lounge is a great place to enjoy a cool drink.
  • a canopy will be useful provide shady ares during the hottest parts of the day
  • garden chairs or a bench and a table
  • a designer footstool next to the balustrade, for a moment of relaxation
  • garden gnomes

For those with a green thumb:         

  • a hanging planter
  • a creeping vine entangled in the trellis
  • easy-to-care-for green plants, such as climbing ivy
  • flowers in terracotta pots

To enjoy summer evenings:

  • a wooden-coloured lamp to enjoy the evening
  • coloured lanterns
  • a steel solar lamp with a unique, eco-friendly and industrial look

In the heart of the house, the garden


The vegetable garden and orchard are a real goldmine in a house. Growing one's own land is very enjoyable and fruitful. Your gardener's soul stirs to life as you bring it to life with a few cute flowers and colorful plants. Herbs are placed on a windowsill, geraniums grow in bright containers. And the scent of jasmine and hydrangea wafts up your driveway.

A family garden will improve your health.

Health and decoration

Caring about your wellness and health does not only mean going to the gym, but also taking care of your outdoor gardem

Growing your own garden is good for your health. It is advisable to reduce and to be aware of treatments when it is for one' s own consumption. Planting should be done by hand. The fruits and vegetables must be planted in a way that respects the different stages of growth and development. Fruit and vegetables are generally much better! Having small tomato plants on your terrace is very trendy, and cherry tomatoes are within reach at cocktail time.

There are hundreds of DIY ideas for decorating your terrace with small herbs. For example, create a superb planter with recycled pallets, to grow parsley, basil, chives, thyme... or even climbing flowers... Blending wood and plants is a real treat (for the eyes and the taste buds ?). Outdoor design is successful when you feel good.

Whether you have acres of land or just a small patch, having a garden is healthy! Weeding, watering, digging ....let's forget about everything when gardening! So getting having a garden is also very good for your morale. And then, at harvest time, seeing the results of your work is also very rewarding. Living in an environment that you love keeps your mind at ease.

Go ahead and play with your decor ?

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