What decor should I choose for my hair salon?

Are you opening your own hairdressing salon? Or maybe you want to give your current salon a makeover? There's nothing like stylish decor to attract new clients and to give your loyal customer's a change of scene. However, this change requires some thought: what atmosphere should you create to give your beauty salon a modern feel? What criteria should you keep in mind to successfully combine style and comfort for both your customers and your employees? We'll help you choose the right salon decor.

For a stylish salon decor, follow our guide!

Natural decor

Hairdressing salon design ideas: from wallpaper to furniture

In order for you to feel comfortable and for your customers to feel relaxed, it's important that every part of your salon's interior design reflects your personality; from the floor, to the ceiling, to the walls. It's also essential to create a vibe that's in line with the services you offer and the layout of your space, but also easy to maintain and work in. It's got to be a place which feels good to be in.

Decor adapted to your services

Things to consider: the services that your beauty salon offers. The decor in a men's hairdressing salon won't be the same as that in a mixed salon or a woman's salon. Keep this in mind when you choose from our wide range of styles:

  • Industrial
  • vintage
  • zen
  • design
  • natural
  • WOOD
  • photo

Layout of your shop

Once you've selected the atmosphere, the second most important point to consider is the layout of your work space. Make a plan which defines the different sections: reception, cloakroom, waiting area, shampoo chairs, hairdressing stations, beauty treatments... don't forget to highlight the beauty products you have on sale with a beautiful display.
If the decor of the hair salon is important, don't neglect the ergonomics of the premises and its furniture either. This will protect the health of your team and avoid musculoskeletal issues.

The interior design of a hairdressing salon

Furniture, flooring and wallpaper come together to create a warm environment. Lighting is also an essential part of creating a beautiful space, but it's especially important in a hair salon as good lighting is vital when it comes to cutting and colouring hair precisely. The lighting can be switched up depending on the area. It can be mellow at the shampooing station to avoid dazzling, brighter at the reception area and natural and the hairdressing station.

Industrial style decor

To create an industrial decor that fits perfectly into an open-plan living room, you've got a lot of options:

  • go for a New York loft style with a brick effect wallpaper for a strong look, or choose single strips for a more discreet finish.
  • free your inner wanderlust with wallpapers or posters featuring Brooklyn or Manhattan.

These wall decorations can be combined with a floor featuring large, imitation concrete tiles, furniture and lighting that complement raw wood and metals. Consider installing either a real or trompe l'oeil glass window, a key feature of the industrial style.

Industrial hairdressing salon

Some vintage decor ideas

Cosy, vintage decor takes us back to the 1950s and its casual chic look makes everyone feel relaxed. Whether you choose a wallpaper imitating an old-fashioned map of the world or a trompe l'oeil bookcase, your customers will feel at home. A more romantic, shabby-chic wallpaper will look great in a women's salon. There are loads of other options, the trick is to be retro!
A parquet or imitation parquet floor would look especially great; otherwise, opt for tiles in warm, wood tones. As for furniture, go for a distressed look: leather, wood, velvet. Spotlights, hanging lights and coat hooks will complete the look.

How to give your salon a zen look?

An Eastern-inspired beauty salon decor is the ideal way to immerse your customers in a little slice of heaven. They'll feel rejuvenated after escaping the world for a few hours. Wallpapers and posters of tropical or bamboo forests, Zen waterfalls and Japanese gardens give the space a relaxing feel. Some pebbles and a Buddha will further accentuate the oriental touch. A beige floor, clear and uncluttered furniture, a few shelves made from exotic wood and some plants guarantees that your clients will escape the real-world for a while.

Design decor for a hairdressing salon

A design style is minimalist and looks very stylish in a shop. Material effects are easy to achieve on the walls using wallpaper, while the floors can be decorated with concrete. Cement tiles also look great. Hints of colour can be provided by some contemporary canvases, while chrome, lacquered or PVC furniture provide innovative lines. It's an elegant style perfect for clients with high expectations.

Design wall decor

Wood decor for a hairdressing salon

Wood feels authentic. Choosing to use wood is a bold choice, but it doesn't have to be synonymous with old-fashioned or rustic decor. Many contemporary designers are keen to use this lively, warm material. But, what type of wood are we talking about? Ebony, mahogany, oak, pine, teak, wenge..., there's dozens of types. Any of them can be successfully combined with metals for a Scandinavian, design, chalet or seaside style. Many pieces of furniture are made from wood, of course, but you can also find it in decorative storage modules, partitions or on walls. Wallpapers with a log effect, logs or distressed wood panels, you can use wood in any way you like.

Photo decoration for a hairdressing salon

Imitating a photography studio is also very fashionable right now. The colour scheme for this trend is black and white. Create a patchwork of photos celebrating celebrities, cities, retro planes or animals on the wall. Typographic decorations complement this style perfectly. It's a very classy and inspiring look. It blends in perfectly with industrial furniture and the taupe or grey tones of the floor and other walls. For the hairdressing stations, adopt a theatre or cabaret dressing room style and opt for side spotlights.

Keep it natural

Natural decor is soothing and favours landscapes, seasons and traditional materials. We find these elements in wall decorations with, to vary the impressions, an alternation of old beige stones, a spring or autumn landscape. The furniture is made of sanded wood or painted in light tones, in a brocante spirit. For fabrics, appreciate natural materials such as linen. The soft shades are reminiscent of a childhood home in the country and you feel good there.

Don't forget the exterior decoration!

There are several worlds that can inspire you to make your hair salon stand out. It is important not to forget to coordinate the exterior, especially the window, with the interior. Your design must be comprehensive. Shades and wall hangings, designed to withstand the elements, can be used to cover fences, balconies or exterior facades with similar themes. This will attract your customers right from the outset!