Enjoy all the summer promotions on your wallpapers, pictures, posters, and privacy screens.
Scenolia is offering exceptional discounts on its full range of wall decorations

Wall decor on sale this summer

Summer specials

Promotions change every Wednesday

During the summer sales, we offer big discounts on our decoration products!

With discounts on our full range, take advantage of these specials NOW! Each week, we have one decor category at 30% off, and two other sets of products at 10%, and 20% off.

The discounts reduce over time. This means that the most heavily discounted category is reduced to a lower discount the following week! And a new decor category takes its place. So, take advantage of these discounts as soon as possible to get your decor at the best price.

To show you how this works, if, this week, we discount panoramic posters to 30% off, giant canvas paintings to 20% off and outdoor wall hangings to 10% off; next week, panoramic posters will only be at 20% off, giant paintings would go to 10% off and outdoor wall hangings will no longer be discounted. And finally, acrylic glass paintings would be on special offer at 30% off, for example. So it's don't wait for the third markdown, like in the clothing shops!

To find out what products are on special, have a look at our website, visit our Facebook page or sign up for our newsletter. Also have a look at the banner at the top of each page: it will show you which products have the highest discounts each week. Order before Tuesday evening so that you don't miss out on a good deal!

We guarantee that we have enough stock until the end of the promotion period, as we are a manufacturer, and we print on demand.

Happy decorating to all ?

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