Today, tapestry is used on the walls of every room in the house. Bedroom, kitchen, living area, bathroom..., it finds its place without making any false notes. Considered obsolete, it has nevertheless come back in force in recent years to personalise all interiors. Indeed, this wall covering can be adapted to bring life back to the walls of your rooms.

How to choose it, is it easy to install, how to maintain it...? You need to ask yourself all these questions. Don't worry, we'll tell you everything you need to know about this new trend.

Tapestry engraving

Modern wallpaper to decorate the whole house

If you want your interior to reflect your personality, dare to decorate your walls in a personalised way. Now a leading product, design tapestries offer a range of design possibilities that can be integrated with your furnishings. In addition, its large format allows it to easily cover an entire wall several metres long and there is a wide range of moods to suit all tastes.

Tapestry with tropical pattern

Panoramic decoration to customise walls

Panoramic landscape panels are back in the running and are once again the wall covering par excellence. They are ideal for creating a serene and at the same time original atmosphere in your home. Among other things, you can install a huge and beautiful tropical winter garden landscape in a living room to relive the beauty of nature. There are also panoramas to set the tone and enhance any space: view on a blue lake, a snowy mountain, a luxuriant forest, a sandy beach...

For themed bathrooms

The advantage of wall decorations is that they can be used on almost any surface and are resistant to moisture. You can then install the textile wallpaper on your bathroom walls without any problems. Decorate a whole wall with a giant photo showing a turquoise sea as far as the eye can see, or an ocean floor décor with small multicoloured fish... Play with your decor! Then accessorise your bathroom with curtains and soap dishes in the same theme and you have a beautiful modern bathroom.

3D effect for an innovative trompe l'oeil

This wall decoration has everything to please since designers have revisited and innovated this art of decoration. If you are one of those who prefer avant-garde decorations, the 3D style is just what you need. Futuristic, trompe l'oeil, contemporary... your interior stands out to impress even the most experienced eye. If you have Scandinavian furnishings, 3D-effect decorative wallpaper is the final touch to achieve a stylish and ultra chic interior.

A variety of formats

Single strips

Lé de tapisserie forest

The single strips are vertical designs, which fit perfectly into small spaces such as a hallway, a corner of a room or a small bathroom. With their elongated format, they decorate the room from floor to ceiling while remaining within a limited space. A 1.50 m wide image does not go unnoticed in the room. It gives its charm without invading the wall. In short, a perfect decoration for small places or for a light decoration that still knows how to impose itself.

panoramic canvases

Nature panorama

Illustrations, landscapes, trompe l'oeil... panoramic wallpapers are varied! With visuals from 3 to 6 metres long, cover a whole wall in a room of your house. This decoration will totally change the atmosphere of your home and give it a personality. Dare to use large-format wall decoration to travel on a daily basis.

The murals

Fresco New York

A Scenolia exclusive, the 12-metre long wall tapestry in one piece! It's great.

With this monumental decoration, you can cover the walls of a long corridor, a party room, a large meeting room... The murals are intended for private individuals but also and especially for professionals who wish to decorate their workplaces. With a 12-metre long decor, you can also cover several walls with the same image. Installation in corners...

How do I install and remove wallpaper?

The design of wall decorations has evolved thanks to the new modifications that designers have made and the new look of graphic designers. Technology is also being used to support this renaissance of wall décor by revisiting traditional installation and printing techniques. No more papers tearing at every wrong move and no more air bubbles.

From now on, the installation of a decor is simplified. Indeed, tapestries are made of resistant materials, and sometimes even coated with glue beforehand. The latter is specially designed to adhere easily to any surface. However, a preliminary cleaning of the wall is necessary to ensure that it is clean and free of debris, so that the ornamental panel can bond firmly and securely.

Installation guide in video: in strips and in one piece

Laying the wallpaper

Prepare your wall well before installation

Before installing the wallpaper, it is essential to prepare the ground well. The wall should be as smooth as possible, clean and dry. Fill any holes with finishing plaster, sand and smooth the wall. Once your surface is ready, you can use our instructions to guide you through the installation process: from cutting to size to gluing to laying the last strip...

If you use another glue than the one sold on Scenolia, refer to the instructions on the jar. Check that the nature of your wall (plasterboard, cement, paint, etc.) is suitable for the glue for a good hold.

If your wall is already covered with old wallpaper, remove it. Non-woven paper can be "ripped off" dry or with a special product such as a spray can that can be found in DIY shops.

Tapestry back on top of the trends

The art of wall decorating has been somewhat sidelined for some time, but in recent years it has returned to the forefront of trends. More than a simple façade to hide the imperfections of the walls, it becomes a decorative element in its own right. It is also ideal for setting the tone of a company's premises or a restaurant, or for conveying a company's brand image with subtlety and finesse. Many people have also been won over by this new trend thanks to the introduction of new installation techniques and new materials, which are more ecological, high-quality, easier to install and easier to maintain.

Printed matter

Technical developments

Several developments have boosted the wallpaper market:

  • Looking for a new material? high quality and easy to applynon-woven paper. This thin, strong paper is now the best-selling material. It offers a nice visual effect and a good quality/price ratio/.
  • A new installation method: without glue! The novelty is the fact that the material is pre-glued. Pre-glued non-woven paper has the big advantage that you don't have to buy glue. No need to worry about how much glue you need, which one to choose... It is already present on the back of the label. By simply spraying water on the back of the paper, the glue is activated.
  • A new finish: the monobloc. Exclusive to Scenolia, the one-piece wallpaper allows you to install it with peace of mind, with no need to manage connections.
  • A new accessory: the suspension bar. The wallpaper can now be hung on the wall with a hanging kit. Easy to install, the cover slides into the kit and is fixed with a simple reinforced plastic bar. With two small hooks on the wall, the wallpaper seems to hang. Unlike glued installation, the image is slightly offset from the wall (1.5 cm, the width of the kit). This new accessory allows you to replace your wallpaper very quickly, without having to go through the process of removing the old decor.
  • The quest for customisation has also accelerated the wallpaper market: printing a large-format souvenir photo means having a unique and personal interior. This new technology, which arrived a few years ago, allows all photography enthusiasts to be real artists and display their work in their homes!

Trendy visuals

Decorating trends 3 exotic paintings

Now that you know all the secrets, all you have to do is stick your new non-woven paper to the wall. Over time, if you feel like changing your decor, it is not difficult to remove these giant stickers. Simply loosen one corner with a spatula and gently pull the rest dry. Without leaving any residue on your wall, it allows you to install a new wallpaper right away.