Which rooms can be fitted with a privacy screen?

Where can one put up a privacy screen? The Scenolia team responds to you through its comprehensive guide! You will find here the installation specifications and benefits for each room.

In our shop, we have listed rooms that can accommodate screens according to 4 main locations: The balcony (widely used in the city), the terrace (both professional and domestic), the swimming pool (and the design of its surroundings) and the garden (in the broadest sense: fence, façade...).

Hang a privacy screen on a balcony

The installation of a privacy screen on a balcony

Installation is still very simple. The balcony has a barrier or at least a structure to define the relaxation area from the void, since it is on the upper floor. You can easily attach your balcony privacy screen to this fence using the eyelets provided. Insert a string or special fastener into the eyelet and attach it to a bar of the fence. Proceed this way for the entire perimeter. Be sure to stretch the corners, that is the key to the beauty of the image and its durability.

The advantages of the room

With little exposure to the wind, the balcony is an easy room to furnish. The privacy screen will have the advantage of durability and strength.
With a limited height (usually around 1 meter), a small privacy screen is enough to decorate the place. A balcony also has the advantage of only being exposed to the opposite view in one or two directions. This will also limit its length. You then have a large choice of printed images on Scenolia!
If your room is sheltered, prefer the 80% blackout material to let light pass through. This way, you will benefit from a nice printed and camouflaging design, while keeping a maximum of light.

Balcony privacy screen: the advantages of the room
Privacy screen for balcony JARDIN VIOLET

Decorating your terrace

The terrace is often larger than a balcony. It can extend over several dozen square metres. Whether it is on one level or multiple levels, the terrace can also have different uses.
The installation of the privacy screen will be made easier if you have a fence as a boundary. Place your product against the brackets with the Scenolia clips.

For a large terrace of more than 10 meters long, we recommend a patterned image. A privacy screen in brick, stone or trompe l'oeil foliage will be ideal to immerse yourself in a style and protect your privacy. You can place several products side by side to enclose the entire available space. For a customised quote, please contact us. Our team will be happy to answer your questions about the product you are looking for and the choices available to you.

Why choose a privacy screen for your terrace?

Choose a privacy screen for your terrace:

  • Protect yourself from the neighbourhood. The privacy screen protects you from prying eyes.
  • Set up a nice decoration to personalize your terrace. More than 70 models of terrace privacy screens to choose from!

Why choose a privacy screen on your terrace
Terrace privacy screen LOFT WHITE

Landscaping around the pool

Choose your pool privacy screen

To beautify his pool, the landscaping of its surroundings is very important. You will want to create a beautiful outdoor space around this pool, with for example a nice tiled floor, green and exotic plants, a relaxation area with deckchairs or garden furniture... The pool privacy screen can be used for several reasons:

  • You are transported into a universe: beach, hedge, trompe l'oeil trellis, image that brings perspective…
  • hide an ugly wall nearby

For this outdoor space, you will prefer a 100% blackout decor to ensure your privacy. You will then be protected from prying eyes.

How do you install a privacy screen around a pool?

For the assembly, lean on an existing fence, install safety barriers or an aluminum or PVC structure that you will cover with the chosen privacy screen.

Choose your pool privacy screen
Swimming pool privacy screen VEGETABLE GROWTH

Why have a garden privacy screen?

The garden is a very versatile space, which allows for playing, gardening, playing and relaxing. So there are different ways to take care of it and make it your own.
You may sometimes be disturbed by the passage on the roadside or on a path bordering your property. Then choose the Scenolia high-height privacy screen. From 80 cm to 2 meters high, you will find the product that suits you among the hundred or so garden privacy screens.

The installation of a privacy screen in a garden differs according to the format chosen and the surface against which you are going to install your decoration. There are 3 main ways of fixing in a garden:

  • Against a fence, the installation will be as simple as on a balcony. You have a grid ready to receive the view screen. Simply install the (disponibles dans nos accessoires) clips into the eyelets and attach them to the fence.
  • Against a wall, both the horizontal eyelet screen and the vertical hanging format are possible. Fix the hooks in the correct position on the privacy screen. You can make markers with a marker or chalk. Drill and position the eyelets or weight bar in the hooks.
  • you can create your own transportable support, wood or metal, to use as a screen.

Garden fence Privacy Screen with printed landscape
Garden Privacy Screen CUISANCE

Comparison of the 4 pieces:

Benefits / Parts Balcony Terrace Swimming pool Garden
Easy to install Very easy to install.
Already existing support and protected privacy sccreen for optimal resistance.
Easy to install.
Existing structure or to be installed for installation.
Easy to install.
Existing structure or to be installed for installation.
Easy to install.
Existing or to be created structure.
Material(s) adapted(s) 80% blackout grid.
Recommended to allow maximum light to pass through.
100% blackout cover.
Recommended for more privacy.
100% blackout cover.
Recommended for more privacy.
80% blackout grid or 100% blackout cover.
To be adapted according to your exposure to the neighbourhood and the light.
Possible sizes Low height.
from 80 cm to 1.20 m.
Large width.
5 metres or more by placing a custom order.
Small or high height.
To preserve your privacy.
Large width and height.
To close off the space.
Sustainability Several decades.
Thanks to the very low exposure of this location.
A decade or so.
Thanks to the very low exposure of this location.
Several years.
Thanks to the robustness of our materials.
Several years.
Thanks to the robustness of our materials.

Other places to install an outdoor privacy screen

You can think of other very specific places where you could attach your privacy screen:

  • Above a wall
  • On a portal
  • around a large object to hide it (bac à composte ou réserve d'eau par exemple)
  • in a patio
  • on a façade
  • or even indoors (mezzanine, lit superposé…)

The rooms in which a privacy screen can be installed depend on your needs. You can imagine anything with this product made in France by Scenolia, with an excellent quality/price ratio. The printed canvas is removable and reusable thanks to its resistant material

Façade privacy screen
ESTAGNOL façade privacy screen

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