Before buying your privacy screen, it is important to have advice to choose it well. Scenolia answers all your questions here and provides solutions with tips and quality products made in France.

What is a privacy screen?

A privacy screen, as the name suggests, is an object that obscures the view, i.e. it hides you from seeing your neighbours.

There are several types of privacy screens, with different degrees of obscuration, different materials, different heights and to suit different budgets. To choose your privacy screen well, you need to be well informed about the different solutions available to you. Your choices will be oriented towards this or that type of privacy screen depending on the place to dress (garden, balcony, terrace, fence, swimming pool, wall...), its characteristics and its constraints.

Decorative printed privacy screen

Thanks to Scenolia's printed privacy screens, you can combine privacy and aesthetics. No more ugly green tarpaulins. You can choose from hundreds of printed images, with a wide choice of design:

varied patterns (flowers, reeds, wooden slats, pebbles...)

trompe l'oeil effects (wood, brick, bamboo, foliage...)

HD photographs (beach, waterfall, travel landscape, lavender field...)

drawings (color or black and white illustration, painting, graphics...)

Maintaining your printed privacy screen is easy because you don't need to buy any special tools. Just use a sponge and soapy water to clean off any traces of rain or dirt.

What will the privacy screen be used for?

The privacy screen serves as a fence between two spaces, generally between two private exteriors or between a garden and a public passageway. The privacy screen is particularly useful for small town houses with balconies facing each other for example. It can also be used as a garden fence, if there is passage right behind. Thanks to the privacy screen, outdoor spaces are protected from the view of neighbors and passers-by.

Strength of the privacy screen

Again, the strength and longevity of the privacy screen will depend on the material chosen.

At Scenolia, our printed materials are of the highest quality to withstand several years of outdoor use. The ecological inks used are also designed to withstand the weather, rain, cold and sun. You can therefore select one of our two proposed materials, which will have the same longevity.

Scenolia also offers special privacy screen clips to ensure that the privacy screen remains sturdy. The clips are available as accessories. We do not offer a complete kit because everyone can choose their installation method. So be sure to check out our complementary products, they will be offered to you in the cart.

What type of privacy screen is best for total blackout?

Of course, materials such as stone, wood, PVC or aluminum will make your garden a totally enclosed place and protect from outside view. If you opt for a canvas, the 100% obscuring tarpaulin will provide you with total privacy. The thick material, with a weight of 450g, ensures total privacy.

Which color to choose?

For a natural outdoor decoration, opt for sober colors like green, brown, grey or beige. They'll be the most versatile colours for your outdoor spaces. They'll blend in with their surroundings and you'll be immersed in a natural, harmonious space.

To bring brightness and pep to your exterior, you can also opt for trendy colors like terracotta red, deep blue or even purple parma. These warmer shades will bring dynamism and a touch of madness to your home.

VIOLET GARDEN Trompe l'oeil privacy screen

How much does a privacy screen cost?

The price will vary depending on the type of privacy screen chosen natural or artificial hedge, wood or composite panels, plain or printed canvas, stone or gabion wall, etc.) and also the size.

How Much Does a Privacy Screen Cost?

The price will vary depending on the type of privacy screen chosen (natural or artificial hedge, wood or composite panels, plain or printed canvas, stone or gabion wall, etc.) and also its size.

At Scenolia, you will find printed privacy screens in different formats, from 3 to 5 meters in length, with heights ranging from 80 cm to 2 meters. Here are the detailed prices from our store:

300 x 80 cm: €64.50

300 x 100 cm: €79.90

300 x 120 cm: €89

300 x 150 cm: €129

300 x 200 cm: €189

500 x 100 cm: €119

500 x 150 cm: €179

500 x 200 cm: €269

We offer two materials, with different obscuration 

characteristics, but we have chosen to charge the same price regardless of your choice. Whether you choose the 80% obscuration grid (which partially lets light through) or the 100% privacy screen, our prices per format are the same.

During promotional periods: Black Friday, Summer Sales, launch of new collections of privacy screens, we offer interesting discounts in our store. Our prices are advantageous. To not miss anything, subscribe to our newsletter, at the bottom of each page of our store.

Scenolia always offers you quality privacy screens at the best quality/price ratio. Our inks are eco-friendly and resist outdoor conditions for several years (rain, wind, sun, cold...). Our materials are qualitative because we have chosen durability. As a manufacturer, we can guarantee you high-quality and inexpensive privacy screens.

Scenolia Customer Reviews

With excellent customer reviews, certified by Avis Vérifiés, an independent organization, Scenolia is a quality player in the privacy screen market. The average review for this product is 9.4/10. You can therefore make your purchases with complete peace of mind on our online store.

As a French manufacturer of our products, we have total control over the cost and quality of our products. Our brand differentiates itself by the use of eco-friendly materials and inks. We have obtained several certifications: ISO 14001, Imprim'vert and Ecovadis Silver label. Our customer service is very available by email, chat and phone. We offer more than 200 HD images, without stock shortages thanks to our print-on-demand policy, with regular trendy new products.


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