What types of privacy screens are available?

The privacy screen, whether blackout, printed or simple privacy screen, comes in a variety of forms. This simple element can be decorativeand change an entire exterior in the blink of an eye depending on its level of opacity! But what types of privacy screens are there?

You will find a wide choice of natural, synthetic, vegetal or even other types of material. Each has its own advantages.

Natural privacy screens

Made of wood and bamboo

Wooden privacy screens provide a simple look and can be made from different types of wood, such as teak or cedar. Benefits include durability, weather resistance and the ability to paint or stain to match your garden aesthetic.

However, wooden screens also require regular maintenance, such as protection against insects, weather and rot.

Bamboo screens are also more common and often used for their warm appearance which fits in well with most gardens. Bamboo is a very durable material and brings an exotic touch to the exterior.

In willow, in reed, or in a band of heather

Generally, wicker, reed, and heather privacy screens are sustainable options for screens that provide a rustic and natural look. However, this requires regular maintenance.

For example, a natural privacy screen can provide a beautiful decoration that blends perfectly with the environment. Nevertheless, this requires some maintenance as a natural privacy screen wears out more easily depending on the weather and therefore needs to be changed often.

Natural gray wooden privacy screen
Natural wooden privacy screen

Synthetic privacy screens

Printed synthetic privacy screen

The printed synthetic privacy screen is a relatively new privacy screen option that has gained popularity in recent years. This option is made from synthetic materials such as PVC and/or polyester, and can be printed with patterns or images to provide a customised look.

Our ecommerce shop Scenolia offers several types of printed synthetic blinds 100% in PVC or 80% polyester mesh. The advantages of a synthetic privacy screen are mainly easy maintenance and very quick installation. Both PVC and polyester are lightweight, durable and economical materials. It is usually a sustainable and customizable option for outdoor screens.

Trompe l'oeil privacy screen

How to brighten up your outdoor space and travel on a budget? Thanks to a trompe l'oeil privacy screen. It's a modern trend that can be adapted to all styles of outdoor decoration.

This type of privacy screen adds depth to the exterior as it gives the illusion of enlarging the space. You will find a wide range of images in our online shop:

  • The beach, the ocean and fine sand,
  • Animals like birds,
  • Diverse landscapes like fields of flowers,
  • A town, a fountain, a mill or a river,
  • Nature, with flowers, bamboo or green walls.

Landscape privacy screen printed on synthetic material
AMMOPHILA ARENARIA Synthetic privacy screens

Green privacy screen

Vegetation screens, such as hedges, living walls, or climbing plants, provide certain environmental benefits such as:

  • photosynthesis,
  • reduction of air pollution,
  • water retention in the soil.

Nevertheless, this requires regular maintenance to preserve their appearance as well as an appropriate size. Plants can also be prone to diseases and pests that can affect their health. Finally, plant shades can take time to grow and provide full coverage.

Virginia creeper plant screen
Plant window shade with Virginia creeper leaves

Comparison of the 3 main types of privacy screens:

Benefits / Types of sunshades Natural Synthetic Vegetal
Integrates easily into the outdoor environment thanks to its natural effect Perfect.
The natural wood or bamboo privacy screen blends easily into the environment.
Trompe l'oeil choices.
For a natural effect, choose the trompe l'oeil imitation material privacy screen.
The plant-based privacy screen blends in easily with its surroundings.
Wide selection Limited choice.
Few subjects to choose from.
Very large selection
More than 200 printed designs on Scenolia.
Possible customization (printing an image of your choice).
Large selection.
Numerous species of plants, both flowering and non-flowering.
Afordable budget Relatively accessible.
Depending on the material chosen, you should budget between £100 and £500 for your fence.
Very accessible.
Starting at £55 for the 300 x 80 cm models
Relatively accessible.
Depending on the material chosen, you should budget between £300 and £1000 for your fence.
Easy maintenance Easy.
Can be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner.
However, the material will be damaged more quickly than other types of privacy screens.
Very easy.
Heavy-duty privacy screen that can be cleaned with a sponge.
Regular maintenance.
A hedge or shrubs need to be trimmed regularly. In addition, natural elements may have to be replaced if they die.
Easy to install Easy.
However, it does require some DIY tools.
Very easy.
Thanks to its eyelets or suspension kit, installation takes only a few minutes.
Long installation.
Plants need time to grow and maintenance is essential to get a nice hedge without holes or dead branches.

Other types of privacy screens

In stone

The stone screen is a type of privacy screen that provides a rustic look. Stones can be arranged in the form of a wall, and can be made from different rocks, such as cut stone, natural stone or reconstituted stone.

This type of screen is very solid and long-lasting. In addition, it is not very sensitive to the weather and does not require much maintenance. However, this may require some skill to install the product.

Metal and aluminium privacy screens

Metal screens, such as wrought iron or aluminium, can provide an elegant and modern look. They can be weatherproof and durable, but may also require anti-corrosion treatment to prevent rusting. Nevertheless, these artificial views can seem cold, impersonal and do not fit in with the natural look of a garden.

Glass privacy screens

Glass privacy screen provide an elegant and modern solution for blocking the view while still maintaining an unobstructed view of the environment. However, the budget for this type of privacy screen is much higher. Glass is still a fragile material, especially in the event of hail.

Aluminium privacy screen
Aluminium privacy screen

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