You have bought a one-piece panoramic wall decoration but you don't know how to put it up? Or maybe you haven't acquired the decoration yet but you are worried about putting it up? The advantage of the monobloc is that you do not have any visible joins

Scenolia guides you through putting your panoramic up and helps with every stage. To make the installation of a beautiful image on your wall a success, follow our advice.

One-piece wallpaper

One-piece wallpaper is glued to your wall. We recommend that 2 people are on hand to put it up: one person to apply the glue to the wall and the other to unroll the wallpaper as it is applied.

You will need materials such as spatulas, glue, etc., which you can buy in DIY shops.

Installing one-piece wallpaper

To start the installation, glue 1 metre of the wall. Place the top left corner of the piece in line with the wall and ceiling. Take the time to reposition it if necessary. Then unroll the first metre and stick it on. Do the same metre by metre, so that the glue does not dry out. Press it down to avoid air bubbles.

And that's it, your décor is in place! If you need more information, please consult the detailed instructions, these can also be printed out.

The one-piece poster

We recommend that you pin your poster to the wall, starting at the top edge, with the pins placed about 1 cm from the edge. Space them no more than 30 cm apart so that the image is firmly placed. The trick to prevent your pins from showing: transparent pins!

Put up a poster

And that's it, your poster is in place! If you have any questions, please feel free to consult the detailed instructions and / or print them out.

You can also use double-sided tape, placed all around the edges of the poster, or wall staples (also with 30 cm spacing).

It is : good to be relaxed when decorating.

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