Who doesn't dream of enlarging their home? To give the illusion of a larger room, wallpaper can deceive our sense of perspective.

Play with lines and trompe-l'oeils! Discover our tips for elongating your walls:

A trompe-l'oeil wallpaper

Trompe-l'oeils increase the depth of the room. The photographs or landscape pictures give a perspective towards the horizon. Our eye is guided by the converging lines. The image invites you into a fictional space, which seems to actually be there.

The Living room wallpaper is a good example. The living room seems to carry on along the wall as there is a continuation of the parquet floor. The large glass area provides light. The living room could actually be right there in the house, with that style of furniture, and that's what makes the trompe l'oeil so realistic. If you take away the skirting board and the left wall, the space works harmoniously..

? Trompe l'oeil wallpaper
Trompe l'oeil wallpaper

Vertical lines

The vertical lines increase the height of the room. The lines guide our eye from the bottom to the top and emphasise the ceiling height. The lines can either be the pattern or part of the decor.

The Blocks wallpaper is a good example, with vertically drawn lines of buildings. The city is illustrated with vertical lines that portray the skyscrapers, which can be identified by their different shades of grey.
Wallpaper vertical lines

Light backgrounds

Light colours elongate the walls, just as white clothes emphasise the curves of the body. The walls seem longer. They are able to breathe because the pattern or light image does not overpower the room. Panoramic wallpapers in light colours help to enlarge a room.

The Small Dots wallpaper is an abstract pattern consisting of a white background and coloured dots that fade out from left to right across the wall. The effect gives the feeling of a longer wall, and therefore a larger room. The bright colours on the light background enhance the contrasts in the room. The furniture gives a Scandinavian tone to the style of the living room. The wallpaper brings a lot of light into the room. Very bright, it appears elongated.
Light-coloured wallpaper

Horizontal lines

Horizontal lines increase the surface area of the room. They set out the space by highlighting the length of the wall.

The décor shown in the image opposite has two main horizontal lines: one that delimits the horizon and one that draws the line between sand and sea. The wooden posts on the right follow the line of the horizon to emphasise it. The low horizontal line continues the line of the sofa to elongate the space.
Wallpaper horizontal lines

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