Make your entryway decor a success!
Decorating your entrance is a real challenge because the space (we can't really call it a room) is often small and not very bright. There's usually a cupboard for storing shoes, a coat rack, a key holder... there's a lot of small objects occupying the area. So how do you go about decorating the walls?

Make your entrance bright

Decorating the entrance to your home

Bringing light into your entryway is essential. Your door can provide the room with some light if it is fitted with blurred effect tiles that allow a little light to pass through. Mirrors will reflect the white walls and reflect light. This is a great trick to use in an entrance hall.

Wallpaper is also a good, decorative idea. For example, with our BLUE SCANDINAVIAN wallpaper (photo above), your entryway will sparkle. The light blue colour blends in perfectly with the other elements around it. Its vertical format emphasizes the height of the wall which enlarges the hallway and opens it up to the rest of the house.

What colour should you use in your entryway?

Choose light, pale or warm colours so as not to darken or close off the wall. Beige, white, light blue and orange are the most popular colours to choose for this small space. Here are three other ideas for decorations that would look great in this part of the house:

Wallpaper for an entrance hall
IBIZA pattern wallpaper
Canvases for an entryway
Poster for an entrance hall
Giant poster OCEAN VIEW

To design your entryway, first choose an image that you like. Bear it mind that your guests will pass through this space to enter your home, so everyone will see it. Choose something light and save your decorative follies for a more intimate room, such as your bedroom.

Everyone loves entering a cosy, comfortable home.

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