Scenolia offers a number of different types of decorations for staircases: canvases, single strip wallpaper, trompe l'oeil materials... There a lot of choice, so there's something to suit every type of staircases: wooden, concrete, straight, curved...

Wall decorations for staircases

Staircase decoration

The staircase leads to a number rooms, such as the bedrooms, bathroom, quarter bath... The staircase connects different areas of the house. It connects different floors, the night area from the day area. It's a passageway with large, high walls which are perfect for wall decorations. The high ceiling is an advantage in that it gives the decoration a marked verticality.

You can play with this verticality in different ways:

  • by installing vertical decorations which reach the bottom of the wall, like our unique XL Eiffel strip.
  • by integrating an element within this large wall, like a canvas.
  • by visually enlarging the stairs to extend the viewer's eyes outward, for example with a panoramic patterned wallpaper that takes up the entire wall.

Use your stairs to help you create a staircase cut-out at the bottom of your chosen decor. Then just cut your wallpaper to size for a custom effect.

How to decorate under the stairs?

The space under the staircase is often dark and in need of more light. White and light colours are a good choice. A plexiglass canvas is ideal for reflecting the light back into the room. If you already have storage units and want to make them stand out, use a combination of bright, contrasting colours (red/green, blue/orange or yellow/purple).
Extending the space with a trompe l'oeil is another option. By opening the room up to another location, you'll make the enclosed space under the staircase feel airy.

The problem of distance

Stairs come in all shapes and sizes. You can find stairs that open up into a living room, those which are visible at the end of a hallway, or even those which have been assigned their own space (such as a stairwell). In the latter, a somewhat closed off configuration, the main problem encountered is that of distance, i.e. in a small space, you can only see the decor from close up. Scenolia offers predominantly large decorations. Their qualities are better expressed when seen from a distance that allows the onlooker to take in the whole view. This is especially true if the interior stairwell is a passageway. The occupants of the house won't necessarily take the time to look at the decoration (even more so if they're looking at their feet to avoid falling!). Therefore, in a small space, you're better off opting for a trompe l'oeil material (brick, wood etc.) or a design wallpaper (geometric patterns, colours etc.) rather than a large landscape. It's also possible to punctuate the staircase with canvases, spread out along the wall.

Our customers' staircase decorations


Vertical staircase decoration

Roland chose a vertical design to showcase the height of his staircase wall
. He cut the bottom edge of the poster to fit the gradient of the stairs.


Staircase canvas

Cyrille bought a large canvas to put upstairs.
It draws the eye upwards and highlights the size of the space.

We like dreamy staircases.

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