To achieve a cohesive decor that shows off your room's decor, give your interior design depth by adding a foreground. Scenolia's tips and tricks will take your decor to another level. Your decor will work seamlessly with the rest of the space and bring life into your home.

Using a trompe l'oeil

To successfully integrate a decoration into a room, adding an element that emphasises the image is an idea that works every time! Adding an element to the foreground increases the realism of the printed image by integrating it not just within the context of the wall but also within the context of space. It plays with perspective, colour, decorative objects... Including an element such as a real plant in front of an image of forest or vegetation, reinforces the visual depth of your decor.
There are a thousand ways to add a foreground. You can use this technique with any type of decoration: poster, wallpaper, privacy screen, wall hanging...

Our customers' foreground decor.

The most successful and inspiring client creations include a foreground that plays with the image and adds new depth:

Garden decoration

For example, Georgina add her Jardinet outdoor wall hanging. She installed a Scenolia printed wall hanging on an exterior wall and then placed elements around it that emphasised the visual she'd chosen: a wooden arch for climbing plants, planters as well as garden chairs. The wall hanging is the focal point of the design and the elements are so perfectly integrated that the image looks real.

Vintage world map stagings

The Vintura world map is brought to life by an old trunk. This object is completely in line with the vintage-style world map. It tells a story: Using this map, a sailor sailed seven seas in search of this chest full of gold! The decor takes us on a journey, making the design a success.

Privacy screen staging

Martine's Corsica privacy screen is embellished with several objects, such as white sand, a boat, shells and sea creatures (crabs and turtles), creating a playful design. The small beach created in front of the decoration visually extends it and gives it depth.

We love theatre-inspired designs.

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