One-piece decor

The monobloc is surprisingly good. It is a one-piece design, several metres long, the largest on the Scenolia website is 12 m x 2.70 m. The deco wallpaper is gigantic. Can you picture this at home? Or in a company, along a 12-metre corridor?

12 metre panoramicExample of a 12-metre panorama

3 metre panoramic3-metre panoramic view

The Royal Botanic conservatory is 12 metres long, so you need a big living room! ... and lots of furniture. The wall décor was put up in one piece. The main advantage of it is that you don't have to deal with any joins between wallpaper strips. The result is smooth and perfect. There is no misalignment of the image, as can sometimes be the case when using strips. With patterns, this is not too annoying but when the wallpaper is a photo, you have to be very precise when laying strips:

Poorly joined strips

Exclusive to Scenolia

Many sizes are available, from 1.50 m to 12 m. Our large -size machinery allows for this sort of finish because it can print along the entire length of the paper roll. The monobloc is therefore exclusively available on our website.

How do you put up one-piece wallpaper?

It may seem difficult to imagine but it is actually no more complicated than putting up strips. The monobloc is wrapped around a spindle after printing. This allows you to unroll it as you glue it to the wall, to avoid damaging it. The sturdy material can easily withstand the large weight. We have installation videos to show you the steps to follow. The two women have succeeded brilliantly in gluing a 4-metre long one-piece wallpaper to the wall of a room.

Now it is your turn to try...

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