Setting the mood

Wallpaper is ideal for decorating an interior because it can be easily adapted to suit everyone's needs. With a variety of photos, patterns and illustrations, you can create your own original decor featuring a style that suits your home: Vintage, baroque, classic, zen, design... play around with colour and size by combining two strips of wallpaper or put up a 4-metre panoramic which covers a whole wall.

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Single strip wallpaper for your child's roomLiving room-wall-decor

Create a stunning atmosphere in your child's room with a giant decoration, like the one in the photo above showing a vertical, pirate-themed poster illustration behind a small storage unit. The room will capture the adventurous spirit of a young boy.

Or you could opt for a washable, textile, fabric wallpaper for easy maintenance, like this panoramic Orange mood wallpaper shown in the living room above. This colourful landscape featuring a sunset over the sea spreads warm colours through the cool, white room. Personlize your interior in the blink of an eye by placing this giant decoration on the wall behind your sofa.

Decorating tips and ideas

Non-woven wallpaper is a wall covering that can be easily stuck to any absorbent wall surfaces such as plasterboard, without the need for a pasting table. It can be hung in strips or as a monobloc. You can easily remove the wallpaper dry, and it won't leave any marks on your wall. Scenolia has all the advice, ideas and decorating tips to help you choose the right decoration to perfectly complement your living room, or the material that's best suited to your wall. Our panoramic wallpapers are manufactured in France by us, guaranteeing quality that you won't find elsewhere.

The different decorative wallpapers: