The wall poster is a multi-purpose decoration: advertising, decorative, informative... It can be likened to a wall print. A poster is a print on paper, without a frame, that is easily hung on a wall. It can be a temporary decoration, such as a poster put up on the wall for an event and then removed once it's over, or it can be long-lasting should you choose to decorate your home with it for several years.

Prints and posters with printed images

Your poster can display a photo, like this photograph of the sea at sunset,

Photo poster

an illustration, like this illustrated map of Paris,

Illustration poster

a trompe-l'oeil, like this faux white brick wall.

Trompe-l'oeil material poster

Wall poster and wall print formats

Scenolia offers a number of formats (vertical, giant, panoramic, fresco - from 60cm to 12m) and 2 materials (affordable, durable non-woven paper or washable textile canvas). All posters are monobloc and come in one-piece. Our posters are designed to be pinned to the wall, so they can be moved or changed easily without requiring major work or causing damage to your wall.

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