Large single strip

Single strip posterOur single strip poster is an upright, giant poster. The decoration measures 60cm wide and 240cm high. This original format will be a hit with your friends. This large decoration will remain discreet due to its narrow shape. It doesn't take up the whole wall like a panoramic poster.
The narrow poster Whitewater (seen in the photo on the right) depicts a waterfall surrounded by nature. The house is stylish and looks out onto a small garden dotted with trees. The waterfall with its stones and green plants brings the outdoors in, for a real breath of fresh air.

We love this original format which decorates the room from floor to ceiling.

XL vertical poster

Vertical posterThe XL vertical poster is wider than the single sheet, with a width of 1.5m. It's more imposing, but still affordable (under 50£). It decorates the full height of your wall and is well adapted to small places such as the end of a corridor, a TV corner, an entrance, the head of a bed...

The XL Eiffel poster (seen in the photo on the left) is a photo of Paris taken from the street, with a view of the most emblematic monument of the capital: the Eiffel Tower. The poster is on the back wall in the living room. It animates the white space, making the room feel playful. It's the perfect place to play games with your children. Their imaginations will conjure up all kind of stories... the decor adds a bit of life to this area and makes us want to stop a while.

We love large format decorations at affordable prices.

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