Looking for a way to decorate your lobby? The entrance hall of a business premises is a reception area or lobby for the customer. They should feel at ease and identify the place by its layout and decoration. The lobby of a bank will be different from that of a hotel or library. Wall decoration is always noted, and for this reason, should not be neglected.

Decorating ideas for lobbies: wallpapers, posters and pictures

A business looking great with our SPLASH THE WORLD wallpaper and the macro floral photo, MADDER, in plexiglass, making the lobby area ever so bright and colourful:

Colourful decoration in the reception area

The panoramic DUNE PATHWAY poster and the plexiglass ABATESCO picture give perspective to the lobby:

Summer-themed decoration of a lobby


Other popular decorative images

Lobby with our blue cloud decoration Our blue cloud wallpaper
, giving you a watercolour decoration

Plant-themed decoration in a lobbyPURPLE IVY wallpaper strip
for plant-themed decoration

Waterfall-themed decoration for your lobby LIVING WATER wallpaper strip
for natural decor

Create the right atmosphere in your lobby. Blue clouds give a soft touch to your decor. A photo of a flower-covered kiosk provides you and your clients with a moment to appreciate nature in all its beauty. A waterfall decoration, meanwhile, gives movement to your decor.

Are you a business or company looking for interior design ideas for your lobby? Feel free to browse through our website and find the ideal wallpaper, photo or painting.
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