Looking for a way to decorate your meeting room at work? To keep it from looking like all those cold, impersonal meeting rooms, focus on the wall decoration. This room is central in a company's premises as it is a place where employees, but also suppliers and customers, pass through and important decisions are made. The meeting room should be representative of your frame of mind and your momentum.

Decorating ideas for meeting rooms: wallpapers, posters and pictures

No more soulless, white-walled meeting rooms. For a neutral and warm atmosphere, the GROOVED WOOD wallpaper gives the illusion of a wooden wall:

Wooden decoration in a meeting room

Take a moment to view an example of how Scenolia can help you create a pleasant and functional meeting room, with our TROPICAL GARDEN panoramic wallpaper:

Decorating a meeting room with wallpaper

Meeting rooms

Other decorative images in meeting rooms

New York bridge pictureOpt for our large format canvas painting of CABLES
if you’re looking for a black and white decoration

City views from the meeting roomOpt for our BEAUTIFUL VIEW panoramic wallpaper
for a city-themed decoration

Mural window  trompe l’oeil picture in a meeting roomOur vertical poster, BACHELOR APARTMENT,
for a trompe-l'oeil window decoration

Create the right atmosphere in your meeting room. A photo of the Brooklyn Bridge in black and white gives an urban feel to your decor. Give yourself a glimpse of the outside world with trompe-l'oeil skylights or windows: you can look down on the city from your meeting room.

Professionals, are you looking for interior design ideas for your meeting room? Browse through our wide range of decorating ideas on our site and find the photograph, picture or wallpaper that will enhance your space.
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