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Customer review: customer service

Our customer service is always ready to help you! You can get in touch with Cécile and Emilie via: phone, chat, email or Facebook... don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any help.

Thank you Claude-Claude!

Customer review: wide range of products

Ourlarge selection of products is definitely one of Scenolia's greatest assets. We offer more than 1500 images which can be printed on more than 3000 products (wallpaper, poster, canvas and outdoor decoration).

Thank you Pierre-Pierre!

High-quality material

Our materials are very high quality, whether it's non-woven or textile fabric. We don't offer low quality blue back paper, because we believe a beautiful wallpaper deserves a high-quality backing to help extend its lifespan.

Thank you Jean!

Customer review: trompe l'oeil

Our flagship product is without a doubt the trompe l'oeil. Carefully chosen by Alice and Olivier, the images we offer are sure to produce high-quality prints. Scenolia also offers advice on how to decorate your home with a beautiful trompe l'oeil effect. But we won't get into that here... to find out more about how to enhance your decor, click here!

Thank you Michel-Michel!

Protective packaging

Sabrina, who packs all Scenolia products, takes great care to ensure that the packages are well protected during transit.

Thank you Jacques-Jacques!

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Wow! That's lovely! Thank you so much Brice-Brice. =)
And what's more, all our products are made in France.

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