Express filler
REBOUCHEUR EXPRESS installation accessory

The express filler is used to fill holes in walls before you put up your wall decoration. Smooth your walls so that you can stick your wallpaper on a clean wall.

Quantity: 400 g.

Express filler: item specifics

This filler allows you to quickly fill in any holes in your wall resulting from pegs, nails or cracks. It is suitable for all rooms (even the most humid ones such as bathrooms) and for all walls (mineral substrates and plasterboard).

The filler is applied directly to the wall, without prior preparation, by pressing the tube into the hole. Then, using a rubber spatula, smooth the surface of the wall, removing the excess.

The synthetic resin dries in 30 to 45 minutes. After this time you can put up your wall decoration with peace of mind.

Colour: white.
Indoor air emission: A

Emission dans l'air intérieur

Express filler

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