Non-woven wallpaperResistant wallpaper

To decorate your walls, Scenolia offers you a wide choice of non-woven wallpapers, available in large or short widths, pre-pasted and in different patterns. Non-woven wallpaper is an ultra-resistant wallpaper that does not tear and is very easy to put up by gluing directly to the wall. No more need for a wallpapering table nor the gluing of individual strips. All you need to put up non-woven wallpaper is special glue, a roller and a scraper. Once the wall has been glued from top to bottom, along the length of a strip, lay your paper and cut any excess off with a cutter.

As well as being easy to put up, , non-woven wallpaper hides the defects in your walls because it is thick. To make it easy to put up, Scenolia provides a manual that will guide you through each step.

Removing non-woven paper

It can be removed very easily, without the need for a wallpaper stripper and without leaving any marks on the wall! Just pull it gently from an angle.

Some examples of non-woven wallpapers

TROPICS Brooklyn bridge  Ocean view
Vintage world map NY NB Maldives

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