A poster that takes up the whole wall is also called a panoramic poster. You'll find them in the pinnable posters and wall hangings sections.

Posters that take up a whole wall

The panoramic poster is a one-piece design that covers the entire width and height of a wall in a room.
The most popular size is the 300x270cm panoramic poster. This size allows for the full height of a standard house wall (on average 250cm) to be covered. We allow for a 20cm margin so that everyone can adapt the decor to their room. This means it's possible to cut your decoration to the exact size required. You can do it yourself at home with a metal ruler and a cutter.

Give your whole room a decorative atmosphere

Hanging a poster on a whole wall makes a statement. Look at your wall and imagine a poster displaying a forest perspective that immerses you in its mystical atmosphere... it's as if you're there! This is possible with our EMERALD FOREST decoration for example.

Forest poster covering a whole wall

Our giant trompe l'oeil wall sign takes up the entire space behind the chair. It's as wide and as high as the wall. No piece of the wall is left blank. The colours of the image submerge the room in a deep, dark green.

Extra large wall

Professional spaces can sometimes have walls that are more than 3 or 4 metres wide.

Extra large wall poster

For example, in this hall, the 12-metre panoramic poster takes up the whole wall! The effect created is monumental, featuring the long New York Bridge spanning the East River which looks to be running through the room. In the distance, you can see buildings. And if you get closer, you can see infinite details of the city, its lights and reflections...

We love walls that aren't white!

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