Do you have questions about decorating your home?
Here are some answers and suggestions for your interior and exterior design.


Scenolia's large posters are made of high-quality paper and are available as one piece (monobloc finish), even for 4-metre panoramas! We recommend you use drawing pins, but you can also use staples or tape to hang them in place. For further explanation on how to install our products, we recommend you take a look at our decorating tips(PDF instructions and installation videos).

For more information on Scenolia's posters, we offer these 3 pages of content where you're sure to find the answers to your questions. For example, the trompe l'oeil poster page shows you the different types of trompe l'oeil images.


Scenolia's giant wallpapers are available in high-quality non-woven paper, washable textile fabric and pre-pasted non-woven paper for smaller single strips (60 x 240cm). We offer accessories to help you hang your wallpaper on the wall: pastes, brushes, rollers, cutters, paste trays... each package comes with instructions.

Can't decide between a poster or wallpaper? Stuck between two images? Why opt for a landscape wallpaper? These explanatory documents will help you make your choice. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you need any help.


Scenolia's large format canvases are available in several materials: plexiglass and fabric. Our printing is always high quality. Sizes range from 40x40cm to 200x140cm! A wide variety of sizes to suit everyone. You don't need to be a certified tradesman, installation and assembly of our canvas kit is easy and can be done by anyone. You'll just need some screws and wall hooks to hang your canvas on the wall. And that's it!

Are you wondering which canvas would look best in your home? Read our decorating documents which cover various stylish themes, such as black and white, and you'll soon be able to make your choice.

Outdoor decorations

Scenolia has a variety of outdoor decorations (supports/finishes/formats). The materials are designed to withstand outdoor use come rain and shine... our inks will remain bright for several years. Be inspired by your own original images.

Are you wondering how to hang your privacy screen or wall hanging? These 4 pages will give you some good ideas for stylish balcony decor.

All our explanatory decorating documents will guide you through your search for wall decor, whether you're looking for a poster, a wallpaper, a canvas or outdoor decoration. We have selected a few images for you, to give you some ideas for decorating your home according to your chosen theme.

Our products are high quality, which is partly why we have excellent customer reviews ?. We are always ready to help by e-mail, telephone or chat, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.